Monday, August 31, 2015

Four More from Spark

I've uploaded four more tracks from Spark, and added the links to the sidebar: Humanchine, Stormrider, Midnight Drive, and Sunset. Nearly the entire album is now available here, and I hope you enjoy them. For my next album, I've finished an old-school industrial track, and part of an orchestrated song. Looks like another odd mix of styles on the next CD.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Finally, after the longest stretch between CDs [and posts, for that matter], I've finished Spark. Eleven tracks, with more orchestration than I've ever attempted. Five tracks are dominated by piano and strings, with A Wife, Our Child being the most complex music I've composed. Our oldest got married in April, and this song encapsulates how I feel when I think of her.

Four songs from Spark are available for download on the sidebar, including A Wife, Our Child. Give 'em a listen, and I hope you enjoy what you hear.