Friday, August 24, 2018


It's been three years (the longest I've taken between albums), but Metamorphosis is finished! It is a mix of electronic soundtrack style songs and orchestral music inspired by our family's D&D campaign. Nearly all the insturments are from Komplete 11 Ultimate from Native Instruments. Others used are listed in the notes for each song.

All tracks are listed below and ready for download. Just click the titles to stream, or "save as" to download. I hope you enjoy them.

Fast-paced and upbeat, with a ringing synth that has a random phase effect that I enjoy working with.

2) Into the Forge
The first song inspired by our D&D campaign, and my favorite of them. So far, The Forge isn't a location in our gaming world. It could be, though. Voice instruments are from Olympus Choir and Mercury Choir by Soundiron.

3) Surge
The most driving song on the album, and one I'm not ashamed to admit I composed! Far different from the orchestral tracks.

4) Empire of the Bow
This one is a little bit of a cheat. It wasn't originally inspired by our D&D campaign, but it does fit with them nicely. My true inspiration was envisioning ancient warriors riding on the Mongol Steppe. Because I do that sort of thing.

5) New Hearts New Minds
My instrumental take on Hearts and Minds by Nitzer Ebb, but with a far-to-obvious title. It's very different than the original, of course, but the similarities should be obvious to the ten people who remember Nitzer Ebb.

6) Partings (Separate Paths)
At one point in our campaign, one of our party members left to adventure elsewhere. At the time, I joked that I should write a song about it. This isn't exactly what I had in mind at the time, but it will do.

7) Transform
Built around a preset patch on the Form instrument. Form allows voice samples to be tweaked, looped and filtered enough to have each one become several completely different sounding instruments. I like to make noise.

8) Pixelated
I don't create enough blippy songs like this one. The main instrument here is Rounds, which sequences through several filters as you play it. A simple, upbeat tune.

9) CAVEbabbling
The name comes from the Cavebabble movie podcast our family has been producing since September of 2008. I composed it to have new intro music for the show, but I'll be honest. It's not my favorite on the album. Hopefully your opinion varies.

10) Overland
The first version of this song had solo vocal instruments that our DM (also our oldest daughter) didn't care for. She was right. It was composed as music that might play while looking at the world map.

11) Carbon2
Far more interesting than Carbon1 (which doesn't exist). I've created so many instrumentals over the years that it's tough to come up with names for them all. Sometimes I just don't try, and name the track after the main instrument in the mix.

12) The Mine
Originally, this was called Newfield, which is a gnome town in our campaign. We spent time clearing kobolds from the tunnels they dug under the town. It wasn't actually a mine, though, and this certainly is mine music. Feel free to dig your own mine while listening.

13) The House
Not to be confused with The Mine. This is the result of a music challenge from my friend, Russell. He asked me to compose an old-school industrial track in the vein of Skinny Puppy or Frontline Assembly. The tweaked voice clips are from the classic 1959 Vincent Price version of House on Haunted Hill. Not everyone's taste, but fun to create.

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